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About us

Mybestquadcopter.com is dedicated to everyone who is as passionate about drones as I am. Here, you will find information on quadcopters, quadricopters and drones, and so on. I try my best to be as objective as possible, white at the same time I strive to keep an easy-to read and friendly tone.

Here’s How It All Started

My first drone experience was quite confusing. I confess – I’ve crashed the thing and it became unusable after its first flight. Now that I look back, I realize that I’ve bought the wrong model and used the wrong flying technique.

It’s a pity that I had no guidance back then. I know that many enthusiasts face the same issues today. Hence, I’ve created this website.

While I don’t pretend to have the ultimate truth, I do share my personal experience. I try to synthesize what I’ve learned and write it down as tips and advices you might find interesting to read.

Tech keeps evolving really fast, and new quadcopter, quadricopter and drone models are being released to the market every month. I keep track of the latest trends and models.

In this website, I give my honest opinion on the latest drones based on independent research, reviews and my own experience.

I’m here to put my two cents in the drone community. Whether you struggle to find a model that suits your needs and budget, or you just want to amplify your knowledge, I’m sure that you came to the right place.

About Me and Why I’m so Passionate About Drones, Quadcopters, etc

I’ve started just like any other guy. My first quadcopter was one of those cheap models you can find in small stores. I’ve bought it just to mess around, honestly. I never could imagine how much this would change the way I spend my free time. Now, some years after, it became some kind of passion for me.

You might laugh at me, because I spend virtually every free minute either flying, building my own quadcopters or making researches about the topic. Its okay, laughing is healthy!

Why So Passionate?

Yeah, we all have hobbies and we’re all excited to talk about them. Some folks love soccer, others collect cards or play games. I too had a couple of other hobbies before I’ve discovered this. Now, what makes this activity different, in my opinion, is that it is far more than just a hobby.

Somehow, I feel that by working with drones I’m helping our society to make the next step in many areas. I know that it sounds bold. Nevertheless, let’s not forget that amateur radio enthusiasts have made significant contributions to engineering, science, social services and industry. What started as a hobby in the 1905 ended up helping us to create smartphones, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

I’m genuinely fascinated by the usage we can give to drones. I believe that thanks to this new technology, we will be able to make a huge step forward in many areas. For example, I’ve read news that several universities are implementing drones to perform environmental studies.

It is really mind-blowing to think about the way we could use quadcopters to study all kinds of environmental phenomena, animals, insects and other wonderful elements of the nature. According to some scientists, drones might even help us to predict complicated natural disasters and thus save lives. Isn’t that great?

I’m also deeply convinced that drones will have a huge and positive impact on our security. Just remember how many crimes been solved and prevented when we implemented security cameras. Now, with quadcopters, we will be able to even better monitor and protect our streets, houses, shops and offices.

All of the mentioned benefits are just a small part of all the possible usages we could give to quadcopters. Drones could help us to save energy, create better movies and document social events from different angles.

I also believe that people like you and me, those who start like amateurs, can have a huge impact on the development of this tech.

There are already thousands of companies that require experienced drone pilots. While there is still no official pilot academy, you can start small and learn in the process. At worst, it will become a great hobby. At best, you might land a job as a drone pilot and build an exciting career!

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